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The goal is to start creating trust among the group. What do we value and what makes us feel seen and included in the work we see as being meaningful? How do our unique, individual selves contribute to the whole?

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In 2.png
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Activity Four Corners_Dissecting Oppressive Systems.docx


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ACTIVITY Cooperative Conflict Resolution with Power and Privilege in Mind.docx

Co-op Culture of

Co-op Culture of

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In 8.png

Mulema Ngoma Activating Holistic Healing and Inte...ities with the Mentally and Physical Disabled.pptx

Embracing Change for a Collective Tomorrow k.akwamu.docx

mind map


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"The revolution begins with the self, in the self." - Toni Cade Bambara

“We cannot destroy white supremacy until we address the internal contradictions in ourselves and in our communities that allow white supremacy to continue to flourish.” - Runoko Rashidi

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